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If you think you might be interested  in Canoe Polo, but aren't sure, come and try before you commit to joining the the club.

We offer three free lessons before you need to commit to joining us.  Just fill out the form below and return to us by email.

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Joining or Renewing?


How to Join the Club or Renew Membership


This document only deals with new membership, but renewing is pretty much the same – just substitute “renew” instead of join. First go to the Australian Canoeing web site:

Click on the button below.

On the home page look for “Join” along the top of the page, or hover over “membership” just below that. I have shown the latter below. Either way, pick “join”. 


Click here to join or renew membership


Holding the mouse over membership you will see the choices in red as on the picture above – click on “Join” whether this is your first time or if you are renewing. If you clicked on join you will bypass this step.

Both methods will get you to the page shown right. 

Pick “join” either for the first or second time – depending on which way you started


Click on Paddle Queensland. You will be taken to the page below. Here you fill out personal details. One or two tricks are shown below.



Fill out all the rest of your details,

When you get to the summary and payment page you will see how much to pay, and there are details of the Brothers Bank account.

THERE IS A TRICK HERE (but just a small one).

Take a note of the Brothers details, and proceed through the system pretending that you have paid up – but DO NOT actually attempt a payment through the Canoeing Australia site – it will not work.

Just carry on as though you have paid – everything will work out, and eventually you will end up with an Invoice in your emails.

From here the next step is simply do a bank transfer for the fee to the club bank account. When you have done this please notify Rachel Elder (Club Treasurer) and Chris Steel (club Secretary), and me if you like, but not necessary.

Email addresses are 



What has happened at Australian Canoeing is that you will have been registered with a category of “Pending”. When your payment has been received the club will notify AC, and your category will change to “Active” – Congratulations you will now be a member of Australia’s best Canoe Polo club!

When you become “active” –  AC should email you, to let you know and to give you your player number etc. If not just let me know and I will ensure that you are notified of your player number.

Good Luck. If things don’t work out – Don’t Panic. We can sort out any issues that arise.

cost of Membership

Membership can only be taken out via Paddle Australia - see notes in previous section